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RonsCut Coins had its start in Custer South Dakota, while visiting the annual Buffalo roundup in the fall of 2008 I attended a Art Show and there was a coin cutter there, I was amazed watching him create these beautiful pieces of art from a coin. I spent most of two days watching him and talking with him, He finally said "Ron, get yourself a saw and blades and start cutting" the best teacher is practice, and trial and error. It took me a year to get a coin to even look like something, I cut most every day and you might say I burned up alot of coins in the learning process, but as he said it well come with time and practice, practice, and more practice. A steady hand helps also.

Today I live in a small town on the Ohio river in southern Illinois by the name of Golconda and spend my winters in Florida. After the busy life of 21 years in the U.S. Marine Corps I am really enjoying the slower pace.

Ronscutcoins has turned into a passion with me and the enjoyment of doing it is very satisfiying.

I custom cut coins also so if you have any request send me a e-mail and I well see what I can do, all the coins in the collections can be gold plated also. If you have any questions or requests just email.

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